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PhireGuard TPP

Halogen-free flame retardant, solid, having a broad application spectrum than can be used in a variety of materials: Synthetic rubber (SIS, SBS, SEBS, BR…), PVC, Phenolics, PPO.


Product Description

PhireGuard TPP, i.e. tri phenyl phosphate, is a halogen free flame retardant.

The field of PhireGuard TPP applications is particularly broad as it can be used in a wide variety of materials: Synthetic Rubber (SIS, SBS, SEBS, BR…), PVC, Phenolics, PPO,... used in electric / electronic goods or in automotive applications.

PhireGuard TPP can also be widely used as a non-flammable plasticizer in cellulosic polymers (film), polyester fibres (textile), polyurethane materials (elastomer) as well as in lacquers and varnishes (coating).

In addition, PhireGuard TPP also finds interest in Physical

hydraulic fluids and lubricant oils.

Technical data sheet