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PhireGuard DR-92

Novel proprietary flame retardant alternative to TCPP that can be used in both PUR and PIR rigid foams.


Product Description

PhireGuard DR-92 is a novel flame retardant particularly suited for the rigid polyurethane foam segment. It is based on an original chlorophosphate technology that has been developed to offer the formulator with an alternative to flame retardants commonly used in PUR and PIR rigid foams, in particular TCPP.
PhireGuard DR-92 is compatible with polyols, blowing agents and other ancillary chemicals used in the manufacturing of PUR and PIR foams. PhireGuard DR-92 can be used for the production of double belt panel lamination (DBL), discontinuous panel production (DCP), block and spray foams, pour in place.
Depending on formulation details, PhireGuard DR-92 can be used as sole flame retardant or as part in a flame retardant package to achieve fire safety codes such as DIN 4102 (B1/B2), EN 13823 (SBI, B), GB/T 8626-88, ASTM E84.

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