Local presence

In 2010, the corporation decided to establish a local presence in North America and in Europe though the foundation of Shekoy Chemicals US and Europe. This proximity differentiates somewhat the Yoke/Shekoy Corporation from its competitors and is today highly valued by accounts who can contact and meet Shekoy representatives on regular basis.

Safety of supply

Jiangsu Yoke technology concentrate its polymer technology grades production in three sites: Yixing, Xiangshui and Binhai. The total nameplate capacity exceeds 100 kton per annum. To insure a water-tight supply chain to its business partners, the Yoke / Shekoy group utilizes a network of warehouses both in North America and in Europe.


The Yoke / Shekoy Corporation has been extensively investing in R&D since it started the production of flame retardants in the middle of the 2000’s. These researches target two objectives: an ongoing effort to improve existing processes and the development of novel technologies to satisfy customers needs.


Shekoy Chemicals exist through and thanks to their employees, who have been recruited on the sole basis of their skills, experience, commitment, willigness to tackle new challenges and dedication to do the right things.
Easiness to do business with

At Shekoy chemicals, thanks to the proximity we have with our accounts, our endeavor is to become the preferred partner for the product line we are marketing. To achieve this, we have put in place an organization and standard work procedures that insures an answer from our services within 24 hours. May your question be related to pricing, product availability, logistics, product stewardship, technical or ways to use our products, we will strive to provide you with the ad-hoc answer within shortest time.

Safety of Supply

Safety of supply to customers and respect to the forecast agreed with them is a key part of global strategy. For 2017 we made the decision to increase the size of our safety stock both in the USA and in Europe. The goal is to work on an 8 week safety stock. Taking into account the volumes on sea from China, this implies that we can insure a quarter safety of supply for our customers.

Lead time

Thanks to our storage tanks and warehouses network in the USA and Europe, we guarantee a 10 day lead time upon purchase order reception.

Fair pricing

We are committed to the businesses we are serving and believe in the durability of our actions. We are not an opportunistic supplier: we are here to stay. A durable presence requires a fair pricing. Ours take into account the full palette of costs a serious supplier is encountering to remain a valuable partner to its business partners.

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