Not just a roof over our head, home is where one relaxes, plays and lives. Making our home comfortable and energy efficient is possible with proven, superior insulation materials. Among those, polyurethane products (PUR and PIR) are technologies of choice to keep houses and buildings warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Dedicated PhireGuard grades ensure optimal fire safety for a wide range of building and construction applications.
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The emergence of novel synthetic materials has made possible the society’s desire for innovative, durable and comfortable furnishing. The current extensive use of new carbon-based synthetic elements in furniture (covering or filling) poses a significant risk in public and private properties. Flame retardants like PhireGuard products are indispensable for furniture, coating and clothing.
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The increasingly widespread use of plastic formulations within the automotive and the transport industry in general continues to make fire safety a top priority. This drives the need for more and more specific and effective flame retardant solutions. The PhireGuard grade range constitutes one of them.
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The last two decades has seen an incredible rise in in the amount and variety of electrical and electronic equipment in our day-to-day life. The proliferation of electronic devices, in particular for personal use, has boosted the development of plastics used as enclosure for those devices. Plastics can be regarded as gasoline equivalents in terms of combustion behavior and potential heat release. To ensure personal safety, flame retardants such as PhireGuard products are being used to both resist the ignition from the inside of the equipment as well as from sources close to it.
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