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PhireGuard BDP

Halogen-free oligomeric phosphate ester flame retardant suited for engineering thermoplastic resins (i.e. PC/ABS, PPO-PPE/HIPS) used in electric and electronic enclosures.


Product Description

PhireGuard BDP is a halogen free flame retardant that belongs to the family of the oligomeric phosphate esters. It is based on bisphenol A bis-diphenyl phosphate as the monomer.

The use of PhireGuard BDP is particularly suited for engineering resin alloys like PC/ABS and PPO-PPE/HIPS used in electric and electronic applications. Depending on the fire safety code aimed at, some 8 to 18 phr of PhireGuard BDP are commonly used. In contrast with brominated flame retardants, PhireGuard BDP does not require the use of a synergist (typically Antimony Oxide), which constitutes an advantage in terms of recyclability of the goods.

In addition, its low volatility and thermal stability lies well within the processing conditions of most engineering thermoplastic resins. PhireGuard BDP, due to its marked flowability, allows the production of thin wall mouldings.

Finally, its resistance toward hydrolysis compared to other flame retardants impart the final good with enhanced cracking and “juicing” properties.                  

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