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PhireGuard RDP

Resorcinol-based halogen free flame retardant to be used in PC/ABS, PPO or terephthalate-type polymers (PET, PBT)


Product Description

PhireGuard RDP is a halogen free flame retardant belonging to the oligomeric phosphate esters family. It is based on resorcinol bis-diphenyl phosphate as the monomer.

PhireGuard RDP is designed for being used in a variety of resin applications like PPO (PPE) alloys, PC/ABS and terephthalate-based polymers (PET, PBT).

PhireGuard RDP thermal stability and low viscosity made it well-suited for most thermoplastic resins requiring high processing temperature as well as for complex and thin wall moulded objects.

PhireGuard typical loading ranges from 7 to 15 phr to provide the desired flame retardancy to the resin in which it is used.

Next to its flame retardant characteristic, PhireGuard RDP can be used as melt flow improver (1-3 phr) with minimal loss of dimensional stability.

 In addition, another advantage offered by PhireGuard RDP lies in low viscosity, which implies a greater use of handling and lower heat storage condition.

Technical data sheet