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PhireGuard FC-63

TDCP-based, non-scorching versatile flame retardant that can be used for all fire safety standards.


Product Description

PhireGuard FC-63 is a blend of various chlorinated phosphate esters and phosphonates.  It has been developed with the view in mind to cover a wide range of decomposition temperatures and thus cover a wide range of flexible polyurethane applications, both polyether and polyester polyols based ones.

PhireGuard FC-63 does not contain any aromatic or phenolic compounds often used as viscosity cutters

PhireGuard FC-63 can be used as such for UL 94, Cal TB 117 parts A and D, FMVSS 302. It can also be associated with a synergist (i.e. melamine) for the production of foams that meet the requirements of BS 5852 Crib 5.

PhireGuard FC-63, due to its excellent scorch performance, is also recommended for the production of low density foams throughout the whole year.

Owing to its wide spectrum of application, PhireGuard FC-63 is particularly recommended for foamers or polyurethane professionals that have production for different regions and / or different fire safety codes.

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