PhireGuard V-168

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PhireGuard V-168

Proprietary mixture of flame retardants suitable for flexible foam. Non fugitive alternative to TCPP to satisfy the Ikea IOS MAT 0010.


Product Description

PhireGuard LF-168 is a novel, versatile flame retardant particularly suited for flexible polyurethane foam. PhireGuard LF-168 consists of a mixture of chlorinated aliphatic phosphate esters.

PhireGuard LF-168 does not contain TDCP or aromatic compounds.

Upon loading of the appropriate amount recommended, Phireguard LF-168 confers to the flexible foam the necessary fire resistance to pass fire safety codes like Cal TB 117 and FMVSS 302. When associated with melamine, Phireguard LF-168 allows the foam to meet the BS5852 Crib 5 fire safety criterion.

Another important characteristic is its very limited migration out of the foam upon ageing, imparting the latter with a durable fire protection.

When used in low density foam, PhireGuard LF-168 has limited impact on the foam core discoloration (scorch).

Technical data sheet