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PhireGuard ELF-601

Extremely low VOC’s / low fogging non fugitive high molecular weight flame retardant particularly suited for polyether-based flexible polyurethane foam.


Product Description

PhireGuard ELF-601 is a high purity, high molecular weight chlorinated phosphate ester flame retardant that combines both a superior fire protection and an improved emission (VOC’s / Fog) performance.
PhireGuard ELF-601 is particularly recommended for polyether polyol –based flexible polyurethane foam and can be used in continuous slabstock and moulding production equipment.
PhireGuard ELF-601 is a single component product, i.e. it does not contain any viscosity cutter.
Owing to its high molecular weight and great compatibility with the polyurethane matrix, PhireGuard ELF-601 does not migrate out of the foam with time and therefore insure a durable fire protection.
Examples of fire standards that can be met using PhireGuard ELF-601 are the UL94 HF1, the Cal TB 117 A&D, the FMVSS 302 and the BS 5852 Crib 5 (in combination with melamine).
The other specificity of PhireGuard ELF-601 lies in its outstanding emission performance that makes it well-suited for applications requiring very low level of VOC’s and/or Fogging like for instance the VDA 277 or VDA 278.

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