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PhireGuard LF-11

Low odour TCPP particularly suited for polyether-based flexible foam for the UK furniture market.


Product Description

PhireGuard LF-11 is a flame retardant used extensively in the manufacture of rigid and flexible polyurethane foams. PhireGuard LF-11 exhibits a very good hydrolytic stability and is soluble in the organic solvents commonly used in the industry.

In addition, PhireGuard LF-11 has a very low odour that makes it a flame retardant of choice for the production of open cell flexible polyurethane foams.

When combined with a synergist like Melamine, PhireGuard LF-11 allows the passing of most severe fire standards like BS-5852 Crib 5.

PhireGuard LF-11 can be used in all rigid polyurethane applications (i.e. panel, roofing, pour-in-place) and is compatible with all common blowing agents and eventual co-flame retardant.

Other applications where PhireGuard LF-11 may also be used are polyurethane elastomers, epoxy resins and other thermoplastic materials.

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