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PhireGuard HF-1

Low scorch Halogen-free flame retardant to be used in flexible PU foam.


Product Description

PhireGuard HF-1 is a halogen-free flame retardant designed for the manufacture of flexible polyurethane foam. Although based on the sole phosphorus as active flame retardant component, its performance matches that of chlorinated phosphate esters.

In addition, PhireGuard HF-1 has a low viscosity that makes it suitable for all foaming technologies, slabstock or molding, including those using liquid carbon dioxide as the blowing agent.  

Another benefit of PhireGuard HF-1 lies in its scorch property that outperforms that of most flame retardants commonly used in the production of flexible foam.

PhireGuard HF-1 is particularly recommended for use in flexible foams required to pass the California Technical Bulletin 117 fire safety standard for furniture applications and the FMVSS 302 for automotive applications.

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