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SilGuard YK-1211


Product Description

SilGuard silicone YK-1211 is a low emission (VOC’s, fogging) surfactant particularly suited for the production of TDI/MDI and modified TDI (i.e. TM80 and TM50) High Resilience moulded foam. It has been designed to provide the manufacturer with a wide processing latitude whilst yielding a good balance between stabilisation and cell opening. 

The use of SilGuard YK-1211 yields excellent foam skin aspect and surface over a wide range of mould temperature.

Another important feature of Silguard YK-1211 lies in its capacity to accommodate the use of high reactivity and/or high solids content polymer polyols.

Also noticeable are the low force to crush and minimal shrinkage observed when SilGuard YK-1211 is used. 

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