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SilGuard YK-1301


Product Description

SilGuard YK-1301 has been devised to allow the production of low density viscoelastic foam, also referred to as memory foam. Its unique structure allows the production of open cell foam (breathability). Although usable over a wide density range, SilGuard YK-1301 has found great interest in foam with density of 45 kg/m3.

Classically classified as a low potency surfactant, SilGuard YK-1301 results in viscoelastic foam having superior elongation at break properties.  

Another important feature of Silguard YK-1301 is that it is compatible with both TDI and MDI technologies.

Finally, its low potency character makes that SilGuard YK-1301 can be also used in the production of high density polyether-based slabstock foam.

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