PhireGuard ELF-606

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PhireGuard ELF-606

Low Viscosity version of PhireGuard ELF-601.


Product Description

PhireGuard ELF-606 flame retardant is a high molecular weight chlorinated phosphate ester for the production of flexible polyurethane foam.

PhireGuard ELF-606 is particularly suited to furniture and automotive applications that require superior emission performance (VOC’s and fogging) as well as resistance to migration during ageing.

Within the current PhireGuard family of products, PhireGuard ELF-606 can be regarded as an extension of the Yoke PhireGuard ELF-601 in which a viscosity cutter has been added.

Examples of fire standards that can be satisfied using PhireGuard ELF-606 are the UL-94, the Cal TB 117, the BS 5852 crib 5 (in combination with melamine for low density foam) and the FMVSS 302.

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